Appliance Donations and Recycling


Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a “Metal Recycle” location. Bring in your old appliances and items containing metal and receive a tax deduction while helping us recycle items that would end up in the local landfill. Get that unsightly stuff out of your garage!
The Habitat for Humanity ReStore takes new and used appliances for resale or recycling. We run a series of tests on all donated appliances and ascertain the appliances functionality based on these tests and the history of the appliance as represented by the donor. If the appliance is non-functioning we can now recycle that appliance for the metal and parts, keeping more waste from going to the landfills.  All appliances for sale at the ReStore have been tested. No appliance comes with a manufacturers guarantee. Some of the appliances we receive are: washers and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and stoves, trash compactors, in-sink garbage disposals, and microwaves.

To learn more about donating other items to the ReStore CLICK HERE