Ana and David Ochoa-Blessed as Habitat Homeowners


Anastasia Ochoa: Restore Habitat for Humanity

The stability of home ownership means many things to Anastasia Ochoa, a 28-year-old mother of four, and her husband David, the proud owner-operator of a relatively new tree-trimming business. The low mortgage payments for their Habitat for Humanity home allowed David to start his business and ended the cycle of moving from rental to rental in search of enough space and sanitation to raise a growing family. “Before coming to Habitat, we lived in three different homes,” she says, offering a litany of problems in each place.

What is most meaningful about this home, however, is the opportunities now available to her children. “It’s a better education,” she says. “We get to spend more time with our kids.” She’s thrilled with the school district her family has moved into. “The teachers are so involved with the kids’ education. I’m very happy and proud of where I live, the home that I have,” she says. That pride transitions to gratitude and a desire to pay it forward to Habitat for Humanity.               

While both Anastasia and David have completed their sweat equity requirements to move into their home, they each maintain involvement in the organization.

“Now, every chance my husband gets when he’s not working, he volunteers,” she says. David helps build homes for other families, and Anastasia put in most of her sweat equity hours at Habitat’s Restore retail space, where she was eventually hired to work part time. The job helped her through a round of self-described baby blues and gave her a new network of support. “It’s a good vibe,” she says. “I tell my co-workers they’re family. They’re my Habitat family. They’re stuck with us. Ever since we got the home, we’ve been blessed.”

“It’s a great vibe…I tell my co-workers they’re family. They’re my Habitat family. They’re stuck with us. Ever since we got the home, we’ve been blessed.”

 – Anastasia Ochoa


First Habitat homeowner pays off mortgage!

In early July, Tammy Perez, Habitat for Humanity of Tulare/Kings Counties first homeowner partner walked into the Habitat office and payed off her home mortgage after 22 years. Her monthly payments became a part of the on-going cycle of funding to support the now more than 61 homeowners who have joined Tammy in our homeownership program.

Tammy spent time with founding board members Bill Decker and Joan Marschall, Habitat staff and past executive director Betsy Murphy, remembering the day she was chosen and the year she spent working on her home. Her most vivid memory is of getting the keys to her home on December 3, 1995, knowing that she would never again need to move her family.

“It’s my house”, Tammy said several times, “and I will never sell it!” She remembers moving from City to City as a child and never finishing a school year in one place. “I didn’t want that life for my 4 children” she said.

Habitat homeowner partners work up to 500 hours of sweat equity on their home or other Habitat projects. When the house is complete, the homeowner then purchases the house from Habitat with a no-profit, no-interest mortgage. Because those mortgage payments are made to Habitat, the staff has a long term relationship with each homeowner and together they work hard to keep homeowners in their home building strength, stability and self-reliance for the entire family.

Becoming a homeowner was a dream come true for Tammy and her 4 children. They were able to stay in one place, build relationships in the community and build a future that included having a place they could come back to. Congratulations Tammy and don’t forget to stop by and say HI!

Check out Tammy’s Video!

If you are interested in learning more about home ownership with Habitat for Humanity give us a call at 734-4040 or email

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Donate Real Estate


Are you holding on to property that fails to yield annual revenue, when you could be enjoying a generous tax savings? Property donation can be one of the best alternatives to selling, due to a quick liquidation of assets, numerous tax breaks, and opportunity to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Tulare/Kings Counties.

Everyday, more people are discovering the ease of donating property. For more information contact our office at 559.734.4040.

In-Kind Donations

Financial gifts are important but in-kind gifts can also be incredibly valuable to Habitat’s mission and ability to build and remodel affordable homes. All the costs that go into the home are transferred to the new, Habitat homeowner, therefore if Habitat receives an in-kind gift of flooring for the home, that cost will not be transferred to the homeowner, making their monthly payments more affordable.

Many local businesses can consider donating lumber, flooring, siding, drywall, roofing materials, stucco, concrete and much more to assist Habitat in serving more families.

Another valuable, in-kind donation is professional volunteers. We often need to hire professional electricians, plumbers and roofers to work on our homes. Businesses can donate a crew to help Habitat roll trusses, install HVAC units, install drywall and much more.

Consider getting involved with Habitat for Humanity by donating items that will help us build homes, community and hope in Tulare and Kings Counties.

For more information contact Habitat for Humanity at 559-734-4040.

In Honor Of

Loved onesFinancial Gifts

Honor someone close to you by “Changing the Present”. Instead of buying someone a gift that will have short lived use or appeal, give them something that will last for years and will improve our community at the the same time. Donate to Habitat in someone’s honor for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, births, or make a memorial gift in remembrance of a loved one.

Contact Habitat for Humanity at 559-734-4040 or mail a check to PO Box 848, Visalia CA, 93279.
You can also donate on line by Clicking Here!

Stay Informed!

There are a lot of different ways to get involved with Habitat for Humanity here in Tulare and Kings Counties. Join a volunteer team, attend a fundraising event, donate and shop at the Visalia ReStore. We try to keep people informed of all our news, events and opportunities by mailing a newsletter twice a year and sending out a Constant Contact E-Newsletter once a month.

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Volunteer at the ReStore






Come Volunteer at the ReStore!
Whether you want to learn new skills, use the skills you already possess, or just lend a helping hand you can find a place at our ReStore. The ReStore is looking for individuals, groups, or organizations to help in the following areas:

  • Customer Service/Sales – Help us provide quality customer service to our customers. Work in our retail store helping customers find what they are looking for, answer their questions and/or direct them to the person who can answer their questions.
  • Construction – Help assemble furniture for displays in our showroom. General construction skills needed.
  • Cleaning and Organizing Donations – Once ReStore receives the donations they need to be cleaned, sorted, priced and placed in the appropriate location in the store.
  • Donation Pick-Up – Many donations need to be picked up. Volunteers need to be able to lift, carry, and move heavy donations.
  • Merchandising- Help organize and develop displays for our showroom. Volunteers need to be able to work well with staff, other volunteers, and customers.
  • Warehousing-New donations are accepted daily. Help keep our warehouse organized and clean.

If you would like to volunteer please fill out our volunteer form or call 734.4040.

ReStore Selling Recycled Paint


Visions Paint

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Visalia is selling “Workhorse” brand Visions Paint. These paints are recycled from excess paints to help preserve the environment and give new life to paint that would normally be thrown away.

Protecting and preserving the environment are the reasons why Visions Paint Recycling, Inc. (VPR) was created. Through proper management of excess paints, segregation of products, introduction of key ingredients and an unwillingness to settle for mediocrity, we have created high quality, economical and environmentally preferred coatings.

By helping balance environmental concerns and quality for their customers, Visions Paints is creating unique Earth Friendly paint solutions for future generations.

These paints come in several colors and different finishes. For more information on these paints please call the ReStore at 734-4056 or stop by the store at 637 S Lovers Lane, Visalia and check them out!